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Appcircle In-Browser Phone and Tablet Emulator

Powerful iOS Simulators and Android Emulators to preview your app on a mobile device simply in your web browser.

Run Native Mobile Apps in the Browser

No need for physical devices. Run any compatible iOS and Android app online in a wide range of OS versions and devices.

Build Your App with Appcircle and Deploy Automatically

Build your app with the Appcircle Build module in a compatible format from the source and deploy automatically. No Mac needed to build and run your apps.

Access the Emulator Instantly from any Operating System

Appcircle emulator is highly scalable and available. Access the emulator from any browser on any desktop operating system. You can run an Android phone or an iPhone on Windows, macOS, Linux and even ChromeOS.

Diverse Set of iOS and Android Devices and OS Versions

Access a wide range of emulated/simulated mobile devices without any downloads or plugins, all in your browser. Numerous iPhone, iPad and Android models and iOS and Android versions are available.

Compatible with Native, Cross-Platform and Web Apps

Compatible with platform-based native and cross-platform native and hybrid apps with an x86 binary. Safari on iOS simulators and Chrome on Android emulators are also built-in so that you can run web apps as well.

Mobile Device Emulation for Everyone and Every Case

Suitable for all mobile app enthusiasts; developers, designers, testers and more. You can use the emulators for mobile app development, mobile app testing, app user support or even for working from home.

Fully Functional Emulators and Simulators in the Browser

The full-featured iOS and Android emulators and simulators work just like actual devices and include development-related features such as device logs, locale changes and session recordings.

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