Compare Appcircle with Jenkins with the comprehensive Mobile CI/CD and DevOps tools comparison table.

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Appcircle Jenkins
License Closed Source License, Open-Source Workflow Steps Fully Open-Source
On-Premise Version On-Premise Runner Only Run anywhere
Easy to setup projects Connect your repository and start building within seconds. Jenkins setup is a tedious process and requires manual input.
Cloud Git Providers Supported GitHub, Bitbucket, Bitbucket (Self-Hosted), GitLab, GitLab (Self-Hosted) Needs to connect to each provider through plugins.
Simple, Easy-to-Use Build Configuration Interface Manage what to build using our GUI drag-and-drop interface.
Advanced Build Configuration with Workflows Use workflow steps that are tailored and maintained for mobile development. Jenkins uses plugins and most mobile development tools aren't supported.
Out of the box support for native and hybrid platforms Out of the Box Support for iOS (Obj-C / Swift), Android (Java / Kotlin), React Native, Flutter, Smartface Needs to be maintained by engineers.
Latest Xcode Version Available within 24 hrs Xcode needs to be manually updated
Workflow Components Marketplace
Support for All Recent Xcode Versions New versions ready within 24hrs after release. You can choose any Xcode version from most recent to Xcode 10. Xcode needs to be manually updated. Can't revert back to an older Xcode version.
Switch Between Hardware Switch between M1 Macs and Intel Hardware. Needs to be maintained by engineers
Automatic Hardware Maintanence Hardware changes and migrations are manually handled by engineers.
Centralized Signing Identities
In-Browser iOS Simulator
In-Browser Android Emulator
App Testing Distribution Appcircle has its own testing distribution module. You can also connect to external third-party delivery systems like Firebase App Distribution, etc.
Automated Delivery Needs to connect to a delivery system
Testing Group Support
Branded App Store for Enterprise Distribution
Access Control Has a variety of login options from SAML and OpenID SSO, Google, GitHub and Bitbucket SSO. Two-Factor Authentication is also available for increased security Security is single layered. Additional security can be added via plugins.

In terms of speed, Appcircle has the fastest builds for benchmark iOS project. For a detailed overview, check our benchmark article.

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